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Blackbody quantum vortex beauty Machine

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Principle of quantum rf machine


Automatically control the stratified frequency conversion radio frequency technology through quantum computing, transmit it to the vortex emitter in the form of high-fidelity electric waves, and control the frequency change of its output, selectively making the skin epidermis, dermis layer and fascia layer accurately generate high heat.


Induces the wound healing reaction in the dermis through hyperthermia, promotes the continuous release of collagen from the dermal fibroblasts, promotes the continuous synthesis of new collagen, makes it more closely arranged, and the damaged collagen layer is replenished to awaken the skin elasticity and lasting.


The purpose of firming the skin. At the same time, the use of its deep focused high heat is aimed at improving fat granules.


Quantum rf machine's technology


1.Skin-sensing automatic recognition technology

2.Sensorless quantum computing mobile detection and recognition technology

3.High fidelity waveform output technology

4.Load output automatic balancing technology

5.Quantum computing automatic control layered frequency conversion technology

6.Hierarchical cell molecular friction hyperthermia technology

7.IR&LED frequency conversion technology

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