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Cryolipolysis Fat Frozen Machine

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What our Coolplas do for your business?




Based on clinical, depending on the thickness of the fat layer, five modes of treatments are available.

Physicians are also free to adjust the mode according to different person.

That flexibility can lead  to new revenue and boost your ROI.


High throughput

OEM orders are welcome,two handles can work simultaneously.

As plastic surgeon Alan Grace, MD, says: “Quicker treatment times allow for greater business growth in my practice.”



Accurate temperature control, the accuracy is 0.1. Precise vacuum control to make the treatment comfortable


Proven performance

Coolplas' technology have been the industry standard for two decades.


Unmatched support after sale

With 21+years of expertise and 10,000+ systems installed, you can count on Sincoheren for: Fast, reliable repairs performed by our own technicians. Marketing support to help you promote laser treatments. The most advanced technologies, now and tomorrow.


1、15-inch touch screen; dual-channel frozen grease; dual treatment heads can work independently.


2、The temperature can be controlled; the five-stage adsorption intensity can be adjusted; the treatment time can be set.


3、Quick and easy replacement of the treatment head, one "press" and one "install"; the treatment head is made of soft medical silica gel (medical rubber material, soft and comfortable to the touch, safe, colorless and odorless), and the whole treatment process is comfortable and convenient.


4、The 360-degree surround cooling technology is different from the traditional double-sided cooling method, which can increase the efficiency by 18.1%. The cooling liquid is injected into the entire treatment probe to more effectively remove fat cells.


5、According to the connection of each cooling treatment head, the system will automatically identify the recommended parameters of each treatment head, so as to efficiently realize the effect of body carving and reduce excess fat cells.


Appearance structure


(1) The handle cavity is made of food-grade soft silica gel, with strong material adsorption, low temperature resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic, soft and comfortable, long life, easy to clean

(2) The handle containsthe main control board, the drive board, the water-cooled board, the semiconductor cooling plate, the air nozzle and the light board (the light board is not included in the chin handle)

(3) There is a light board inside the handle, which can emit colorful light, and use different light colors to indicate the working status of the machine, and at the same time highlight the sense of technology of the product.

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