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RF Microneedling system

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The gold radio frequency micro-crystal is the ingenious combination of micro crystal and radio frequency. The two word of  “gold” originates from the micro-crystalline gold coating and the coating is also golden yellow. At the time of treatment,the doctor according to the crystal position on problems and treatment, adjust the depth of penetration and micro-crystalline radio frequency energy, then in the electronic control system, at the same time, dozens of insulating ceramics penetrate the skin quickly, from the micro crystal tip radio-frequency energy, then quickly exit, so the cycle until the treatment is finished, finally apply cosmetic ingredients.

RF MicroNeedling uses very tiny microneedles (smaller than the diameter of a hain) to deliver safe radio frequency energy into the deeper layer of the skin where collagen and elastin fibers form support structures. The polarity of the energy emitted creates arcs of energy between the microneedles, delivering energy below the skin's surface to remodel the skin without the visible top-layer downtime of previous technologies. it can offer several settings for depth, intensity, and number of microneedles, which allows the system to provide a variety of treatments, customized to the individual.


1. Microneedle cartidge makes perfect contact to the skin;

2. Miconeedle smoothly penetrate the skin with less pain;

3. Bipolar RF energy denaturalizes the tissue surrounding the microneedles;

4. Collagen regeneration & new elastic production process begins.


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